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The classic white shirt:

There’s no doubt that there’s no more classic, more timeless and more modern garment than a white shirt. Any time is a good time to wear it. It is undoubtedly a basic eternal indispensable by excellence, basic closet garment for both men and women.

Which garment has more possibilities than a white shirt? They are infinite…….

¿What do I wear today? That’s a big question? Any occasion is good for a white shirt, no doubt it’s an ETERNAL BASIC. The simplicity of the white shirt makes it an infallible choice when you can’t
decide what to wear.

A white shirt can be very sexy. Think of Marilyn Monroe, photographed in a sharp white shirt and dark jeans by Eve Arnold on the set of The Misfits in 1961.

Or Elizabeth Taylor, who decreed that “every woman should have a great white shirt in her closet.

There are many examples of its use throughout the history of fashion, at first with detachable collars and cuffs as an option (so that they could be easily washed),only the rich could use the garment because the underprivileged could not afford to wash it so many times, there were no washing machines

In the early 1900s, the white shirt was used to differentiate between office workers (hence the term “white-collar workers”) and manual laborers (“blue-collar workers”) simply because a colored shirt could remove grease and stains.

And it’s no coincidence that white shirts were a recurring theme in the iconography of the models, for example in Claudia Schiffer’s portrait of Patrick Demarchelier, Cindy Crawford and the gang for the cover of American Vogue’s 100th anniversary edition, white shirts were the uniform.

And with respect to men, as CK Chang of the Oxwhite brand says: “Every man should have a good white shirt. You can wear anything, whether it’s pants or jeans. It can easily complement formal or casual clothing of any color, and also with or without accessories.